A Leading Provider of Induction Lighting

With the rising prices of energy, it is no surprise that many households and businesses are looking for more affordable alternatives. That is why DECO ELX Lighting has become a premier provider of quality induction lighting products. Not only are they affordable to purchase, our products will save you significant money on a long term basis with reductions in bills and maintenance expenses.

Although ELX Lighting is based in America, but its induction lighting store caters to the global market with a range of applications in various environments. We provide high quality lighting solutions to offices, businesses and industries with a selection of products designed for both interior and exterior areas. Customers can view our range of induction lighting online which includes ceiling, street, flood lights and more.

When you buy induction lighting with us, you get the benefit of a superior product which is backed with a 5 year warranty. You get the choice of style and color temperature as well as extra features such as dimmable options. They have instant on/off capabilities unlike many other bulbs on the market and give a crisp light that is perfect for any area. Best of all, these globes are made to last and have a minimum life of 10 years!

If you are interested in this clean energy alternative and would like to buy induction lights online, simply take a look at our range before requesting a quote. You can also browse through our website to see the many other benefits of buying this light solution.

Tunnel Lights

Induction tunnel lighting
technology provides efficient,
long-life, excellent color
rendering and stable lighting.

Flood Lights

Flood lights with induction
lighting technology provide
effcient, long-life, excellent color
rendering and stable lighting.

High bay Lights

The High Bays electronic
ballasts and lamp integrated
design allows direct radiating
and increases reliability.

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights with induction
lighting technology provides
efficient, long-life, excellent
color rendering and stable

Globes / Ballasts

Replace existing lighting
fixtures or even just the
globes to experience savings
of up to 70% of your current
running cost.

Street Lights

Street Lights with induction
lighting technology provides
effcient, long-life, excellent
color rendering and stable

Energy-saving Induction Lights

Save up to 70% on running costs and up to 100% on maintenance with DECO’s ELX Induction Lighting. We provide a range of durable, low maintenance lights to suit any application – from home to mining and construction, to highway and billboard lighting solutions.

Minimum life of 10 years

DECO Induction Lights have one of the longest life spans on the market. Studies show DECO Induction Lamps switched on 24/7 will last a minimum of 10 years! DECO Induction Lamps also come with a 5-year warranty, guaranteeing your lighting needs will be met for years to come.

Certified Trustworthy

DECO induction lights are UL listed and RoHS certified. Our light fittings are quality checked, both during and after the manufacturing process by independent inspectors and certified to meet the Industrial Standards of Electrical Safety, EMC and Government Incentive Schemes.

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